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In this assignment I learned how to use everything that is in Sketch Up. I just got used to how you have to use the different tools, like the push pull tool. At first I had a very hard time to look around and do anything in it really. I had a problem with the doghouse because I couldn't line up the roof peak at first, because one side of then roof had a different angle than the other side. But I figured out that I hadn’t pressed the up button when I dragged up the middle of the roof, so that it could move left and right and therefore compromise the mirrored angles. I was successful because I figured out what I did wrong on the roof and fixed it. I showed my creativity in this project because I made a second dog house with a different roof and even a WINDOW!!!!!


Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 5.49.24 PM.pngScreen shot 2012-10-18 at 5.49.51 PM.png

In this drawing we used slightly more advanced concepts like, copying objects and pasting them within a set amount of spaces, and using the from edge tool in a square object. Since the last drawing we also used more objects to set the scene, like a flag pole, and shrubbery. In this drawing we learned how to take a component from the internet and place it in our drawing. We also learned how to copy and paste things like windows and automatically equally space them. I had a problem in the drawing with the windows. They were a component from the internet, but the person that made it messed up so that the window was flat with the wall, so you could only see through the window part of the time. This frustrated me insanely! But I couldn't fix it because it was a pre-made component. I was successful at making parts of the school on my own judgment. Where everything was laid out for you in the doghouse, you had to make some of your own decisions in this drawing. I’m sure that this will help me in the future because I know that I will have to use my own creativity on a lot of different drawings. I showed my creativity on this project by making a slide on the side of the school!


In this drawing we had to make our houses with multiple rooms and walls that have thickness. In every other building that I have made, has been comprised of paper thin walls and no rooms. But in this drawing my house is actually starting to look like a real house. In this drawing I have learned to fully utilize the measuring tape tool. While I have used this in prior drawings, I learned to use it to make guide lines. I used to make guide lines with the draw a line tool, but it is much more easy to do this with the measuring tape tool. I have also learned to use the lettering tool to label separate rooms, which I find really nifty! I ran into a problem when trying to get the molding on the other side of the door that you couldn’t do as easily with the edge tool. In the video you copied the molding and moved it to the other side. But I couldn’t do that and get it to line up perfectly like you did. So I went about it the long way and deleted allof the extra lines and connected the molding to the ground. I believe that I was successful by making all of the extra windows and doors on my own. This is also how I showed my creativity, by making all of the windows on my own with my own dimensions.

In this drawing I made a chair, which is different from all of my other drawings because instead of making a house or a building, I was making an object that is more intricate. Most of the things I had to do in the other drawings were fairly straight forward, in this drawing we had to think more in depth about what we were making and how things had to line up. In this drawing we learned how to use the follow me tool. I used this to make the decorative legs on the advanced chair. I have seen someones deck so I know that I will have to use this tool in the next drawing. One of the problems that I had was that I could not get the array of posts on the backrest of the advanced chair to line up with the arc on the seat. I got this to work by moving each of the posts, because you can’t change the angle of the array. I believe I was successful by figuring out how to fix the backrest posts on my own, just by trouble shooting. I had to go back and forth trying different things trying to get them to line up. I know that I will have to troubleshoot with the program in the future, so that is how I will be successful in the future. I showed creativity in this drawing by making the design of the chair legs on my own.


In this drawing we made a deck, compared to any other drawing we have done this one by far took the longest amount of time. Some of this other things we have done haven’t been realistic, like nobody would construct things the way we made them. In this drawing we made each beam underneath, and each board on the top, like someone would in real life. In this drawing I learned how to use the tool that groups together everything that are the same color. This helped out in the drawing a lot, because we had to make many different components. By doing this you didn’t have to go all around the object and select every side. This will defiantly help me in the future, it will cut down the time that it takes me to make components. In this drawing I ran into the problem that when I made a component it selected more parts than I wanted it to, even though they weren’t the same color, and it made it so I couldn’t copy and move it. So I had to remake the component and instead of using the tool to select the same color, I went and selected each side by “hand”. I believe that I was successful in this drawing, because in my second deck I did things that we hadn’t done in the first deck. Like the posts that I made decorative, like we had with the balusters. I showed my creativity in this drawing by designing the balusters on my own.



In this drawing we made a clock, which like the chair would be something that we could make into a component and place in our house. Also like the chair there were smaller details to pay attention to when making it, so that things would be symmetric. In this drawing we used an array to place the arrows (where the numbers would normally be) on the clock. This was something new that we did. We had used an array before to make the back posts on a chair, but we hadn’t used it in this way. We went all of the way around the clock with the arrows looking from the top. I could use this in the future, say if I wanted to place chairs or plates evenly around a table, or something of that nature. In this drawing I didn’t run into any real problems, just things that I might have messed up on and had to redo. The largest problem I had was that when I made my arrow and made it a group and tried to move it, I messed up the spacing. So when I went back to try it again it was no longer a group and I couldn’t figure out why, and it did this a few times. There was no way to solve this problem, I just had to deal with it. In this drawing I was successful, because I made the whole second clock without looking at the video again or anything, I just remembered how I was supposed to go about making it. I showed my creativity in this drawing by making my own hands and arrows, on my second clock. And I also set the time different on my second clock.

Stairs Original.pngSpiral Stair.png

In this drawing I have been working on making different types of stairs. This is very different from an end table or a clock, which is what I was working on last. Making stairs is something that I will have to do to complete a house, so I know that I will use this in the future. One skilled that I learned was how to make spiral stairs. I did it different than in the video that you posted because I had not seen that you posted it, so I found out how to do it on my own. I am going to use spiral stairs in my next house for sure, because I love the way that they look and they don’t take up much space. One problem that I had was trying to make the nosing on the spiral stairs. I still haven’t figured out how to do it, I believe that it is impossible with the angled cut of the stairs. I was successful in figuring out how to make my spiral stairs. I showed my creativity by making the spiral stairs.



Since my last design I have made a whole house, which is different than what I did before because before I made stairs. My house is classified as a two story house. When it comes to heating my house since it is a two story it is very cost effective. Since heat rises it is very easy to heat my house, you will only need to have your source of heat on the very first floor. And the sunlights on the very top floor will help to heat the house in the summer, as you can see in picture #2. When it comes to maintenance my house is a little bit hard to handle. Because of the size of my house it would be hard to paint or maintain the outer walls. To help with maintenance as you can see in picture #1, I made my house roof out of metal so that in the winter I would not have to shovel the snow off from my roof. It would seem that my house is not very good when it comes to disability accessibility, because there are two floors. But as you can see in picture #3 I have a ramp that goes into my house so you could get in with a wheel chair. And also I have an elevator in my house so you could get to any floor with a wheel chair, as you can see in picture #4. My house is very coast effective. Although it would cost a lot of money to build my house, when you look at house much space you get for the cost, or price per square foot, it is a good deal. I show this in picture #1.

Watch This Video My prospective buyer for this house, was a single man or women, that likes activities. I made a simple one story house, that would have low maintenance. It has one bedroom and one bathroom. Which would be perfect because it would be all that they needed. The kicker for the house was the garage. It has a large garage attached to it. This would be essential for someone that likes outdoor sports, and activities, so they can store all of their things. Like maybe bicycles, or kayaks, or ATVs. All of the things inside my house I brought in from google components. Everything from my bed to my kitchen. I made my windows and the structure of the house.