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First assignment, The dog house

Dog house

For this very first assignment, I have learned many essential skills in digital drafting by using software called “Sketch up”. One of the most important basic skills is making any virtual 3D object with a clear and precise x-y-z dimension. In addition, I can also plug in any desired measurement for width, length and depth for those 3D objects. This is considered the most important skill in drafting because it allows us to create any geometrical shape we want. With this shape we can create any real life object or objects that we store in our head exactly like what we want. But shaping the object isn’t enough, We have to bring it to another level by adding color. This is one of the easiest and most important tools in Sketch Up. With color, every object will become more realistic.(I can’t imagine this world in black and white.) These skills give me lots of advantages for my future. For example, I can build my very own simple shelter for my pets. This first assignment didn’t give me any problem at all, except for the fact that my laptop didn’t have proper tools installed, but thanks to the guy in room 212, the tools are installed now. I came up with this dog house by observing the dog in my house. She is Bella, she is a giant old dog. She weighs more than I do. So the dog house I drafted for her has been made for her especially. I was thinking of building a fence to show my creativity but then I realized “ Hey! Creativity for a dog house is not about building a fence for a front yard or plantation decoration” so I decided to build one essential tool for my dog house, a wooden board to put dog food on. I have observed that many people get tired from pouring dog food in the bowl and they can’t leave the food out alone to let the dog eat all the time. So this board that attached to the dog house, which only a human can reach, is very essential and cuts down the effort we have to give for the dog. I also put a wooden name up for her, Bella. Bella the big old good dog.

The same dog house as the instruction

KalimC same doghouse 1.png

My designed dog house
KalimC designed doghouse.png
KalimC designed doghouse 2.png

Assignment 2 School House

For this school house assignment, I am working on a different background compared to the dog house. I didn’t work on any another tools in addition to the dog house. I just learned how to use them more efficiently and to a whole new extent. I also learned how to search for items for components. The main problem I ran into is how to make copied components bend due to the arc of the circle. I haven’t come up with any fundamental idea to solve this problem yet. I just added the component one by one instead. After completing these two assignments, I know how to copy, to move and how to make shapes to a whole new level. These skills will enable me to take my design to a whole new level, like making my building cylindrical instead of cuboid. Making it cylindrical is also my way of showing my design. I can make the design more realistic by adding components like landscape or human, but I was a little bored while doing this repetitive work.

Instructed school house

KChhoun 3a 2,1.png

My designed school houseKChhoun 3a 2,4.png

KChhoun 3a 2,5.png

Assignment 3

The floor plan! Finally! I know how to make my designs realistic and can be applied to the real world, unlike the school house. From this assignment, I have understand the uses of the tape measure tool. This single tool is very essential in order to make the dimension and measurement of doors, windows and also walls in order an correct places. I also learned how to make my designed Solid-3D and not Hollow-3D like the school house. The problem I went into is the windows. When I use the push-pull tool. It didn’t push to make it self on surface. So I used the paint bucket tool to colored it invisible instead. From this new skill I have acquired, I believe that my future designs will become more realistic and I can also designed my own floor plan with this skill. For this new assignment, I have showed my creativity by putting the living room door near the dinning room door, so that I don’t need to spend extra money for extra door for the living room to the kitchen and also a shortcut to the kitchen.

kalim floor 1.png

kalim floor 2.png

Assignment 4

Compared to the last assignment, I have been working on a very simple structure, a chair. I have learned two basics essential skills. The first one is saving my structures as components, so that I can use the structure I made for later usage. Another tools is the follow me tool. I never realized the existence of this tool at all before. From this assignment, I can use the follow me tool but not to a very good extent yet.The follow me tool helped me in building the electricity pole. The main problem I ran into is, building cone spikes for my torture chair. To solve this, I just got the cone shape component from the internet. The other problem is when I was using the push or pull tool for the chair legs, some of them, I just couldn’t push them to the furthest point back. So just like from the last assignment, I just colored them invisible. I showed my creativity by building a torture chair. With this complex chair, there are just so many structures that I need to construct. For this assignment, I really used all the toolset I have learned before from the past assignments.

kalim 3a 4,1.png

kalim 3a 4,2.png

kalim 3a 4,3.png

Assignment 5

For this assignment, I have been working on making details on my design by making multiple components and thinking about the laws of physics to make my design stable. From this assignment, the skill I have learned is understanding how to select objects by materials, selection tool, edges and faces. Other skills are using the follow me tools to another level compared to my chair assignment. I also learned how to make components in a design, edit it and also make a component unique to avoid the editing. I also ran into lots of problems and I am going to demonstrate only the most troublesome ones. For the deck, the problem I ran into was using the follow me tool to make the design for the bars on the deck. Solving this problem is very easy, because Mr.Bailey came up and explained to me the easier way of using the tools beside from the one in the video. For the dock, the major problem is that my mouse is broken. This delayed my work a lot because, I have been using am ouse since I ever touched a computer. Another major problem is when I was making copies of the upper wooden block on the dock. When I copied that component, the side on the bottom didn’t have face at all. So I have to make unnecessary copies, then edit that unnecessary component, made a face for it and colored it. When I was done with the editing, I just deleted that copy. The technique of using unnecessary component copies editing will be very useful for my future design when there are faces and edges that are blocked by object. For creativity, I just designed my own dock instead of a deck. I also used the correct piers to make my dock stand and be stable. And also built my own lights instead of using the lights from the components to demonstrate that I used the follow me tool.

kalim 3a 5,1.png

kalim 3a 5,2.png

kalim 3a 5,3.png

kalim 3a 5,4.png

Assignment 6

Compared to all the assignment I did before, I have learned how to use the rotate tools more properly. Before I learned how to design this clock, I always thought that the rotate tool is designed to do rotation(Earth rotates around itself) but additionally this tool is also used for revolution(Earth rotates around the sun). All I need to do is select a point relative to the object and rotate to whatever degree or angle I want. This problem helps me make multiple components around the circle, for example those triangles that indicates the time in my clock. I didn’t run into any problem at all in this assignment. The clock I made has 2 special features. First of all it has all twelve times indicator and it also has a stance.

kalim 3a 6,1.pngkalim 3a 6,2.png

Assignment 8

Compared to the last assignment, I haven’t learned any new tools at all, but from the youtube video, I have learned how to take advantage of the fact that a circle in sketch up is actually a polygon which enable me to make spiral stairs much easier than what I had in mind. My Idea was to make a staircase one by one and copy, rotates it until it forms a spiral stair. As for the regular stair, I have learned how to read the direction from the blueprint and use the dimension to built my own object with Google Sketch Up. The problem I ran into was when I was making the spiral stairs. I made larger stairs and if I kept the thickness of each step 1’’, it would not be safe. So I decided to make it 2’’. I showed my creativity by make a railing for my stairs, which I just make a circle at one end of the spiral line and used the follow me tool to make it.


kalim 3a 8,1.png

Spiral Stairs

kalim 3a 8,4.png

kalim 3a 8,3.png

Home Design

The house that I designed is 2 story house design, but it does not have a basement. My house is quite big compared to the regular 2 story house. But this is because the house has no basement and has a Veranda in every bedroom.
The house is quite expensive due to the material it uses, brick, zinc, stone and shattered proof glass, and also due to its size. To lessen the cost, I decided to not build a basement at all, because I knew that digging a basement requires a lot of money. The house has storage room instead. It has 3 storage rooms in total, two in the first floor and one in the second floor. Those storage rooms store cooling and heating systems and also store used items. The garage is also made to store two or three cars and additional transportation such as bikes and snowmobiles. The garage is also large enough to put material for those engines. See figure 3 for spacious garage and storage rooms.
The maintenance is the one of the biggest advantages of the house. The house is made of brick, which is very durable. The glass railings is easy to clean, the zinc and inclined roof can withstand the penetration of water and quickly washes the snow and water to the ground. To sum up this house is made to withstand natural disasters such as a small Earthquake or Storm, and also in case of fire, the fire will not burn as fast as a wooden house. See figure 4 stone and shattered proof glass railing.
The house is not meant for elderly or disabled people to live in, because all the bedrooms are on the second floor. But they can be a visitor, because the living room, kitchen and bathroom are on the first floor.
For heating and cooling, it is also an advantage for this house design. As you know heat rises. The house only needs one floor of furnace. All the second floor rooms are equipped with windows in order to absorb more heat. I didn’t put air conditioning in each room, because I think this type of cooling system is very popular and putting it in will slow down the home design file even more. See figure 2 for the windows in every bedroom.
This house also has a very unique safety code. All the bedrooms have a door to a veranda, which allows fire escape possible during night time. Incase of Earthquake, there are tables and bedrooms in every room for safety, and there is also a pool on the outside. See figure 1 and 5 for veranda in every bedroom.

figure 1
kalim 3a 10,1.png

figure 2

kalim 3a 10,2.png

figure 3

kalim 3a 10,4.png

figure 4
kalim 3a 10,5.png

figure 5

kalim 3a 10,6.png