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In this assignment I learned that you could make a Dog house out of several different dimensions. It was fairly easy, there were only a few times when it stressed me out. Like when my roof wouldn’t be right or when my house's dimensions wouldn’t be right.The way I made my dog house is I used the rectangle tool.I also found out how to use push/pull tool which made the blocks from 2D to 3D. Using the move tool made it easy for me to make my roof. Most of the problems that I ran into were simple mistakes like my measurements. Later I found out the you could type in the inches feed measurements. Where my success came from was when I started getting the hang of it and learned it.When I was making my second dog house for the four I added in a pool with a small chair, I painted the inside of the dog house wood and I gave it a few windows.

cody's doghouse 3.png
cody's dog house 2.pngcodys school house side.pngcodys school house front.png
The design that I have been working on was the Basic School house, some of the skills that I have learned by using this is that copy the building pieces, like windows and doors. There were some tricky parts during this build and I need some help, The copy skill will help me later on in the future when I am designing buildings that need more then one or two of the same part on it. Most of the problems that I ran into occurred when I was coping the windows, either it wouldn’t be the right length or the window wouldn’t appear. The way I was successful was I was thinking of ways how to make the school look better, It took me a while but I found out with a good imagination I figured out that it got easier later on to finish the school house. What I did to bring out the creativity was I built a badminton court.
cody's simple floor plan .png
codys simple floor plan.png
What I have been working on is the simple floor plan I got the chance to finish it over the weekend. It took me a while to get the doors done. Because of the changes and the mistakes that I made during the process. Most of my problems were with the doors either I made them wrong or they were not the right size. The way I was successful was when it came to the walls and the measurements of the wall I found it really easy after a while, How I was creative is I added in seven more doors it wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

cody's adv chair.pngcody's chair.png

The Design I have been working on is the simple chair, It has been very complicated at times. When it came to the advanced chair I had some problems with it, either I would have the wrong shape or something would be too thick. The new tool that I learned to use is called the follow me tool, It is really sick because you can draw a design on any 3D shape and then use that and it should work, The problems I had with the is they look creepy and one looks like it went through a hurricane.cody's clock.png
The Project that I have been working on is called a clock. It was very easy unlike the deck, The tools that I used were the rotate tool and the move copy tool. These tools I have used before, but in this project it showed more advanced ways how to use them.I didn’t add anything creative, to my clock.
cody's C stairs.png
The Design that I made was the stairs. They were fairly easy but also confusing. The part that I had trouble on we getting them all to be even, Sometimes I would have them off by an inch or one would be to big. How I made the stairs is I used the move copy tool
And made the stairs.