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Assessment 1A
assessment 1A.png
Skills I learned from this drawing was: How to change my track pad settings, how to erase lines, how to make lines, and how to use absolute coordinates. These skills will help me in the future because I’ll need to know how to make and delete lines so I can make other drawings and they will also help me if I ever need to use absolute coordinates again. These skills can be used in the real world if you decide to have engineering as a career. I didn’t run into any problems while making this drawing. I was successful in this drawing because I created both the m and the v without having a problem.

Assessment 2
Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 8.01.10 AM.png
In this drawing I used relative coordinates, which is different from the last drawing because in the last drawing I used absolute coordinates. Skills I learned from this drawing is how to use relative coordinates to create stuff in this program. This skill could be used in real life if you ever got a job that required you to use this program and if you had to use this specific type of coordinates. A problem I could have ran into during this drawing is that I could have messed up on putting in the coordinates to create the square. I didn't run into any problems, so I didn't have to solve any. I was successful in this drawing by creating the square without running into any problems.

Assessment 3

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 8.13.30 AM.png