Cory's Clocks .png
Working on the clock helped me quite significantly because on the drawing we used the copy tool quite often to make the triangles and the hands of the clock, we got to use the freehand tool to make our own design on one of the extra clocks if we chose to. A skill that I learned in the project was to color the objects that I want in a group the select all same material. This will help me in my future drawing because I will know a simple way to make something into a group then copy it. A problem that I had to face in the beginning was when I made the circle to make that clock it didn’t come out right and I didn’t realize that in till far into the project so I had to restart, I solved it by going back and making the right circle. I was successful by creating 3 clocks and making one of the hands on the third one more unique then the others by using the freehand drawing tool. I showed creativity in the last clock that I made by making the minute hand on the clock more designed then the others. Another trick I learned was how to mirror an image like the freehand line that I drew on the original hand.
chair cory c.png
Working on the chair seems like it would be a simple project but it was the most helping and most complicated so far. In the project a skill that I learned to do is to make my own drawing a component or group, which helped out a lot because when you worked on more then one thing you could make all of them by just editing one, this will help out in the future a lot because when I have to make something the same for a lot of times, I will be able to do this by just working one component. One problem that I ran into on this project was how to use the rotate and copy tool at the same time but I played the video over a couple times and finally understood. I was successful on the chair because I made it my own, it is a little different then the one in the video. I showed my own creativity by designing the legs to my own measurements.

Floor Plan.png
In this design I have been working on making a floor plan, how to build a whole house plan on a flat base them pull it up into all the walls, then I worked on making actual door ways made by hand not components. Making the hand made door ways is a skill that I have learned from this project. This will help my future projects because now I know how to copy and paste, I figured this out because I had to copy and paste the trim that only went to one side of the door. I copied it onto the other side which made it a lot easier to get the measurements exact. This was actually one of the problems the I had encountered for a while, It was hard for me to first understand how to do it. I was successful by putting my own doors and windows in the building. I showed my creativity by making my own windows in the living room and some other rooms.
School House.png
In the school house, I have been working on a lot more advanced building techniques. The school house compared to the dog house is a big difference. The dog house was a small little building, and the school house was a huge building compared to it, we had to put in doors and windows in the school house. I learned how to use the components to get doors, windows, trees, ect. this will help in the future because I will know what exactly to go to for pre built objects. A problem I ran into when I was building the school house was how to copy and paste the windows, instead I made each window separately which wasted a lot of time. I was successful by simply completing the requirements, to be successful I made the measurements perfect, this will help in the near future because if I make the blue prints to measurement then I will get good grades. I put creativity into this project by putting my own components into the design.
Cory C 2a-a.png
The skills that I have learned on the dog house were how to use just about all of the tools, this will help in the future because I will have a good idea what tools are which and how to use them so I will have a simple idea of what I am doing. A problem that I have run into on this project was when I had to build the dog bowl, I didn’t know how to get the water to come up from the bottom of the bowl, I solved it by further searching in the instructions and it showed me how to do it successfully. I was successful in using the tools and following the plans, in the future this will help because instructions are what help you build what your goals are. I showed creativity in the dog house by using different textures and colors.