Dakota H school house.png
Dakota Hoff

In this drawing I made a School house with a parking lot. Doing this showed me how to use the tools better, like the push pull, and the move tool especially. I learned that you can copy and move a group. At first I had trouble getting the hang of copying and moving a hole group but after doing it a few times it’s really not hard. I know how to make windows and doors in a group instead of one by one. For the parking lot, I made sure there were roads to get to all the spaces.

Dax Hoff
Floor Plan

In this drawing I did a simple floor plan. It was a one level house with a one bay garage. Giving the walls thickness and doing the trim I think improved my skill with using those tools. I had been fallowing a video Mr.Bailey posted for directions, but ended up being easier without fallowing the video. At first with the doors I had trouble finding the angle to make an opening in the door, but after trying over and over again I got the hang of it

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Dax's simple chair: Doing this project helped me to use the arc tool a bit more and the push pull a lot. A tricky part to this was match up the size of the legs using push pull. But after a few minutes I got the hang of it.


In this drawing I got to make a deck on the back of the floor plan that I did last time. I got to get more experience with the follow me tool which is helpful for creating designs or cutting thins away for a specific shape u want. I also made a lot of groups and components to help me move the process along, building this deck was a long process, there is a lot of little things that need to be done. I had the hardest time making the balasters for the deck because I didn't know how to use the follow me tool correctly, but after a little direction it was no problem.

In this drawing I made a few different clocks. I got to practice a little more with the move and copy tool as well as the dimensions tool. Im getting better with grouping and editing things that go wrong. I was able to use the push pull tool and the free hand tool to carve a little bit of designs into the hands of the clock. I had the hardest time trying to turn the hands then anything else about the assignment. but I learned how to do it and it worked out just fine.

Dax Hoff
Home Design Project

I chose to do the split level, because it has a nice look to it, and as long as you have a hilly lot to put the house on it’s going to look great. This is a nice style, it looks like a ranch house in the front and a two story in the back. This creates a good use of space throughout the house.
It makes good use of traffic circulation, which is providing a means of moving from one area or room to another with ease. The house is not specifically built for people with disabilities, due to the use of hills and stairs. The outside is sometimes hard to maintain because the back is a different height than the front.
Heating and cooling this style of house can be difficult to distribute it throughout the house. As long as you have more than one way of heating your home or it is well insulated heat shouldn’t be a problem. You couldn’t build this house on a flat lot unless you added some fill or somthing to accommodate the space needed.